Watermark Philanthropic Advising

Give with Purpose

Philanthropy is already an important part of your life.  Let Watermark help you achieve your goals, by developing an intentional approach to giving that reflects the issues and people you care about, and the impact you want to make.  Sharilyn is experienced working with individuals and couples.  She also loves working with families, and is certified by the 21/64 Foundation in NYC to support multi-generational family philanthropy. Watermark offers the following services:

  • Exploration of your values, priorities and areas of desired impact
  • Development of individual or family giving plans – philosophy, strategy and structures
  • Facilitated family retreats, conversations and critical decision making
  • Engaging multiple generations in family philanthropy
  • Governance counsel for family foundation boards or giving committees
  • Representation to charities on your behalf; gift negotiation
  • Orientation to particular areas of the nonprofit sector; research and due diligence; gift proposals/agreements; gift evaluation

Sharilyn is discrete, objective and does not advocate or represent any cause or organization, meaning she is wholly focused on you and your philanthropic journey.  She is also able to work collaboratively with your financial and/or legal advisors, or Family Office.